Solaimaneyah International Schools
American - British

We are dedicated to the individual development of students with active, creative minds, skills, attitudes and responsibility essential to successful academic and social achievement .

To accomplish our Mission we are committed to a strong and comprehensive educational program and learning environment which enhances self-esteem, provides role models, develops a lifelong love for learning, optimizes each child's potential, builds personal responsibility and accentuates individual respect .

Fundamental to our mission is a commitment to the active involvement of a competent and caring staff, teamwork, shared leadership, the effective management of resources and a safe and orderly learning environment. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our students, families, community, each other, our profession and to continuous learning .

Our Core Values:


Honesty and open communication are the foundation for our professional relationships. We respect, support and value each member of our school family .


We value and honour individual diversity in our students and their families .


We are responsible for the success of our students, support for each other and support of our community.


We are committed to a positive attitude which enhances self-esteem for students, staff and families. We utilize a pro-active approach which empowers the school community to achieve mutual goals .


We recognise that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities. We view fellow staff members and students as part of our extended family.


Solaimaneyah International Schools aim to develop a learning community with high academic standards focused on being balanced, caring, communicators, knowledgeable, inquirers, open-minded, principled, reflective thinkers and risk-takers .

1.      All students can learn and we have an obligation to assist each student in pursuing his/her potential as a life-long learner .

2.    All students can learn and achieve success, but they learn in different ways, at different rates and with different preferential learning styles.

3.    We believe regular school attendance is necessary for student success .

4.    Each person is responsible for his/her own actions .

5.    Learning how to learn and reason are fundamental to education .

6.    Each student is honored as a valued individual with diverse and unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs .

7.    As a team, teachers, staff, administration, parents, and students share the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment for advancing the school's mission statement .

8.    Our school is a safe place where individuals are respected, cared for and valued .

9.    We believe classroom discipline builds character and promotes a positive learning environment .

10.    We believe that reading is critical to learning in all other subjects and is the foundation for lifelong education .

Facts about us :

Solaimaneyah International School proudly offers parents the choice of 2 academic systems :

- American Diploma (American Curriculum)
- Pre- IGCSE and IGCSE (British Curriculum)

Solaimaneyah International School is located in Solaimaneyah City Compound, a prestigious neighborhood of Cairo.  The campus is composed of two buildings housing  the 2 educational systems. All of the facilities on our campus are available to both the IGCSE students, and American Diploma students .

Solaimaneyah International School institutions serve Cairo dwellers with a high enrollment of students living in Solaimaneyah, a prestigious residential section in the suburbs of Cairo, and its adjacent compounds.  Due to the well known history of Solaimaneyeh City Compound, its high educational standards, and its location, the students are mainly of the higher socio-economic standard. Parental choice within Solaimaneyah International School is based on location, socio-economic standard and educational standards .


Miss Maha Shenouda

School Principal